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Reading the Bible

Engagement with God as revealed through His Son is at the heart of the Christian life—it’s a life time commitment for all Christians.  That’s why this project is so important—its goal is nothing less than to enable all to know God and His Son Jesus Christ, through His transforming Word.

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Kearon, Secretary General of the Anglican Communion

Studies show that the number one way by far to develop spiritual maturity as Christians is daily Scripture reading. Hearing the Bible read in church is like siting in the passenger seat of a car. It does not teach us how to drive a car or learn the roads to our destination.

To help grow the spiritual maturity of Christians, the Center for Biblical Studies has designed the Bible Challenge, a reading schedule to help those who commit as individuals or as members of a church, a church school, or a diocese to read successfully through the entire Bible in a year’s time. The Center for Biblical Studies intentionally focuses on reading the entire Bible, reading the books of the Bible in sequence and ensuring that a psalm and a portion of the New Testament are read each day in order to provide strong spiritual daily content to sustain readers working through the entire Bible.

We encourage you always to put yourself in the presence of God before you begin reading the Scriptures.  Read with a desire to understand and follow the teachings of Scripture so that your life might be transformed by the Holy Spirit working within you as the Word of God is revealed to your heart, mind and soul.  We wish you every blessing in your faithful daily Bible reading.

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